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Do the studios come with an engineer?

The studios can be booked with an “in house” engineer, or with an assistant. If clients provide their own engineers, a WAX LTD Studios assistant is required to facilitate set-up and provide basic support.  If you need an "in house" engineer please check our SERVICES / STAFF section for available engineers.

May I bring my own computer / laptop?

Yes, all of our rooms are conveniently plug and play via a Thunderbolt 2 connection.  We also have adapters for Thunderbolt 3/USB C.  You will be able to connect to our displays, audio interfaces and trackball controllers via a single connection.  Please make sure to download and install the latest UAD interface Driver (Download link here) prior to your session.

*Please make sure to let us know if you're planning on bringing your computer
or using ours prior to your session. 

Is the studio backing up my sessions?

Clients are responsible for backing up their files before the end of their session.  

(We recommend backing up on at least two drives).

For longer bookings, the studio will keep a copy of the client's files until the end of the booking period.

What are your rates?

Our rates are highly competitive for the services, recording equipment, instruments, location and expertise we provide.

Please contact us to inquire about rates, we'll do our best to help you achieve your goal within your budget.

How much time will I need for my project?

There are many factors that determine the length of time needed for recording a given project. How many songs are you planning on recording? Within each song, what is the arrangement? Are you recording real instruments or programming? Etc. 
Please contact us with your project details so we can give you an estimate of the time you might need.

How long is a day?

Our standard "lock-out" day is 10 hours.  Start times are determined at the time of booking.

Can I rent by the hour?

Yes.  While our day rates offer our clients the best value, our studios are available for hourly rental.  There is a 3 hour minimal rental for both Studio A and Studio B. Please contact us for our hourly rates which are both affordable and flexible in terms of scheduling.

Do you offer a better rate if I’m wanting to book more than a few days?

For bookings that last more than a week, other discounts may be applicable on a per project basis.  Please contact us for more information.

How do I put dates on hold at the studios?

All sessions require a 50% refundable deposit. Once a deposit is received, the dates will be on hold, but cannot be held otherwise.  Deposits are non-refundable within 72 hours of the start time agreed upon.

* Please feel free to inform us of any special needs prior to your session so we can plan it accordingly, and allow you to be as productive as possible while recording here

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